Halshan Premium Raw Food

Local, clean & simple.

Halshan Premium Raw Food provides dogs and cats with a healthy foundation for life.  Our food is prepared strictly with hormone and antibiotic free meats, stamped for human consumption (excluding bone varieties) in a U.S.D.A. inspected facility.

As we recreate the diet our companion animal's body was designed to eat in the wild, we improve her overall health.  The evolution from survival in the wild to domestication has brought many changes. Before we adopted them, the diet of dogs was mainly small animals and scavenging the leftovers of larger predators. These filled all their nutritional needs—protein and quality fats from the meat, bone calcium, plus organ nutrients and plant materials.  Yum!

Always in-stock, at Bark Williams we create a custom diet catering to your pet's dietary restrictions, age and weight.

Halshan is packaged in 1 pound vacuum sealed portions and flash frozen to ensure freshness.  It is recommended that a 50 pound dog eat one pound package per day; 1/2 in morning  and evening.

We offer weekly delivery when you order in our shop or on-line.