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Bark just wants the best for your pets! Knowing that optimum health starts with their diet, Bark has researched the highest quality products and exclusively carries two renowned brands of human-grade raw food for dogs and cats, Halshan Premium Raw Food and The Honest Kitchen Pet Food.

With so many customers making the switch, we consistently see the life-changing results of a raw diet for your pets!


The Honest Kitchen Pet Food

We sell natural dog food from The Honest Kitchen at our Santa Monica store. 

The Honest Kitchen’s dehydrated raw dog food recipes are made in a human-food plant, to ensure the highest possible quality control and production standards.  Their facility is FDA inspected – and humans even taste their foods as part of their QC process!

If you want the best for your dog, it all starts with what they eat, and Bark Williams is pleased to offer natural dog foods from The Honest Kitchen.


Halshan Premium Raw Food

The evolution of dogs from survival in the wild to domestication has brought many changes. Before we adopted them, dogs ate mainly small rodents, birds and leftovers from larger predators. Protein and fat from meat, fiber from hair and feathers, nutrients from organs and calcium from bone filled all their nutritional needs. The better we can recreate our animal’s natural diet, the healthier they will be.

A local company, Halshan foods are simple—raw ingredients like venison, chicken, carrots, broccoli, and zucchini.  Each pound serving is individually butcher wrapped and flash frozen assuring optimum freshness. Nothing artificial whatsoever.  In fact, Halshan foods are even inspected and certified by the USDA as safe for human consumption! All meats are hormone and anti-biotic free and contain no fillers or grains.

Delivered twice a week, Halshan is always in stock- always fresh!

We offer many different varieties. Accounting for weight, age, activity level, dietary needs and allergy constraints,  we at Bark Williams will create a complete diet catered to your pets specific needs!


We Deliver

For a flat fee based on location, we offer weekly delivery to the Westside of LA, from Beverly Hills to Santa Monica and Malibu to Marina Del Rey.

Delivery is free for our Sunset Park neighbors!

Visit our Santa Monica location to purchase or call us at 310-664-7009 to book your weekly delivery.